With most online jewellery companies, they simply teach you all the 4 C’s and tell you to choose a diamond from your selections

At H&F, we don’t do that with our customers; instead we tell you from an insider’s knowledge and perspective on how to buy and choose the right diamond that’s most suiting to you. The steps are as follows:

1.) Set a budget

  • Diamond prices varies depending on quality
    • You can have a diamond that is large in size, but have a lower quality, making the diamond cheaper
    • Or, you can have a smaller diamond with higher quality, which will increase in price
  • You can go into different options and consider what you want to spend on your diamond.

2.) Shop Around

  • You need to shop around to compare and find out what you like and don’t like, and what’s a good price vs. an expensive price
  • In detail, note down information of your findings
    • A great way to start is with the 4 C’s (Carat, Clarity, Cut, Colour)
    • If available, you may also want include the GIA # or diamond report associated with your diamond selection (if you can get a copy of it, even better)
    • If you see anything you like, with this info noted, we can assist you with ease

3.) Find a Reputable Company/A Company You Trust

  • If you find a company that you can’t trust or have never been to, they may lie and overcharge you for your diamond
  • But if you find a company that you can trust or is reputable, like H&F Jewellery, you will get exceptional service, be assisted to find the diamond that fits your needs, and even gain benefits from buying the diamond

4.) Start searching for your dream diamond today!