Sincerely With You

With over fifteen years in Canada’s fine jewellery industry, H&F Jewellery has established a successful brand built on the bedrock of strong cultural values and high quality standards. H&F Jewellery offers a vast and exciting selection of exquisite diamonds, jadeite jade, and 24KT pure gold luxuries. Each piece embodies a concoction of contemporary style paired with tradition. H&F Jewellery holds an outstanding reputation for offering only authentic, modern and unique jewellery of the finest quality. This vision fuels the desire to continually evolve and innovate.

Working with the largest mining companies worldwide, H&F Jewellery sources the best polished stones in the world to carry in its lavish store front displays. Every diamond is carefully inspected and certified for authenticity by an accredited gemologist to guarantee the best value to loyal patrons. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to epitomize devotion and passion.

As the first and largest Asian jadeite jade and diamond wholesaler in Canada, H&F Jewellery is one of the few Jewelers that is part of every stage of production. From sourcing only the best rough jadeite jade boulders directly from the one and only Myanmar, to conceptualizing the design with the in-house design team, to employing only the most knowledgeable and experienced masters of the trade that infuses each individual product with expert craftsmanship. H&F’s commitment to its customers is to offer high-end jewellery to traverse generations to come.

H&F Jewellery embraces a culture of love and pride in its craftsmanship in hopes of delivering jewellery that inspire love, health, and blessings to all families and friends.